There were some pleased retro gamers last year when an ESRB rating suggested that a Karateka remake was coming to Wii U. The original was an action game from 1984 developed by Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner; nostalgia went into a minor overload at the thought of an enhanced remake with modern visuals.

And yet the releases on platforms such as iOS, Steam, PSN and Xbox Arcade have been and gone since last December, without a whiff of the Wii U eShop arrival. Sadly the game's producer, Heather D’Evelyn, has now confirmed to that Wii U was considered but "never went into development", with no plans currently in place for the platform.

This Karateka remake has had fairly mixed reviews, but it's a shame that after a good run of small development projects coming to Wii U, this is one that's gone the other way.