Game & Wario Banner

Late last week eager pre-order shoppers in the U.S. spotted that some retailers were listing Game & Wario at a lower-than-normal price, with pre-order guarantees tempting some to jump on the perceived bargain deals. It's now been confirmed by Nintendo, however, that the official retail price of this game in the U.S. will be $39.99, which is a good deal less than a standard new release, and particularly rare for a Nintendo title.

Nintendo of America will no doubt be hoping that Game & Wario's arrival on 23rd June will tempt more gamers to the system, as it's comprised of 16 mini games designed to show off the Wii U GamePad's capabilities. The discount price may be to encourage more to take the plunge, and perhaps reflects the depth — or lack thereof — of the experience on offer; sales of this title have failed to impress in Japan, meanwhile, despite it reportedly being available at a reasonable price in the region.

There's currently no release date or pricing information in Europe, but we'd be surprised if a similar deal isn't adopted in the region. So how about it, North America, does this cheaper price tempt you to take the plunge? The recently released teaser trailer is below to remind you of some of the mini-games included.

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