Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is pretty great and all, but sometimes you just want to put down your controller, pick up a massive blade and actually slay some beasts in the real world. Thank goodness then for the MHSN's recent promotion on the Brünnhilde Great Sword, which is an absolute steal at just 60,000 Zeni.

Or perhaps you'd prefer the artisan-crafted BBQ Spit with NeverChar™ technology? A real bargain at 30,000 Zeni, and perfect for those night-long hunting excursions.

Only kidding, of course. You can't actually buy these items — they're part of an elaborate (and totally hilarious) shopping channel spoof put together by Capcom to promote its Wii U and 3DS-based smash-hit. You can check out the full video below:

We've already reviewed both versions of the game, with the Wii U edition scoring 9/10 and the 3DS version 8/10. Are you looking to pick either (or both) up this week?