That's an epic cake

Some video game fans, particularly those in the Nintendo camp, sure go to a lot of trouble to demonstrate just how much they love their chosen games or franchises. It also seems that there's no better combination than big gaming fans doing something for their own little gamers, as this cake based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword demonstrates.

There's a lot of actual cake in this construction, but also a fair number of small mechanical parts to give it various moving parts. It's on a truly impressive scale, with Skyloft, the Sealed Grounds, Faron Woods and a host of characters all making an appearance. To give you an idea of the amount of effort something like this takes, below is a quote from the blog entry by its creators, Will and Liliana Turnbow.

The Temple entrance is 6 batches of Rice Krispies and the backside of the temple is 9 cakes stacked as high as we could make it.

The video below shows the full cake in all of its glory, along with some footage showing how it was pulled together. We're sure it tastes delicious, too.

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