Monster Hunter Screen

Quite a number of us have probably, judging by the popularity of the subject within the community's forums, been playing a fair bit of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U. It's a title that — given the chance to sink its claws in — can be difficult to put down.

Still, advancing to the stage where you can claim to be a master of the game, and ultimately face some of its fiercest creatures, can take dozens and dozens of hours of play. It also takes a fair bit of skill, but Nintendo Australia nevertheless recently ran a contest to find the best Monster Hunter player down under, with the winner having a chance to show off their skills in an official video for the game.

The winner was Robert from Victoria — for some reason we aren't treated to his surname — and he takes on one of the tough G-Rank creatures, showing off his quick thumbs and impressive collection of potions in the process. You can check out the video but, be warned, he's hunting a monster from quite far into the game, so it's a spoiler with a hefty tail and big teeth.