We couldn't forget this anniversary now, could we? 19 years ago Super Metroid was released in Japan, though it was in later Western releases that it truly found an adoring audience. While not the first game in the series, it's arguably the most commonly cited and recognisable adventure starring Samus Aran.

Whether it was the immersive, challenging world and gameplay, the iconic design or that music, this is a title that is one of the defining high-points of the Super NES; a console some believe may be the best of all time, let's not forget. Even casting rose-tinted retro glasses aside, this is still a game that stands up today, and we're pretty sure it'll shift a lot of downloads when it arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console for 30 cents/pence in North America and PAL regions in May.

So, hats off to Samus Aran and, of course, those talented game designers that made this game happen. Let us know about your memories of Super Metroid, past and present, in the comments below.