Mario and Luigi weren't even in the name list

Apple doesn't have the most triumphant reputation for vetting the products found in its App Store, and it looks as though another piece of copyrighted material managed to slip through the badly worn net.

Earlier today, a Game Boy Advance emulator smuggled itself into the App Store using a cunning disguise - it dressed up as a baby name generator.

Yes, a new app called Awesome Baby Names was made available, and upon purchasing it for $1.99 / £1.49 users could tap a few hidden buttons to reveal the emulator along with a wealth of Game Boy Advance ROMs.

Obviously, once being alerted the Apple gang swung in and removed the app so it's no longer available. However, it was in there for a decent amount of time so many people managed to get hold of it.

Did any of you catch a glimpse of this one in the App Store?

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