Delver's Drop is the kind of game you'd get if you combined The Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past with Demon's Souls and added in a pinch of Diablo — and it could be coming to a Nintendo console in 2014, if all goes according to plan.

We've been speaking exclusively with Pixelscopic's Ryan Baker about the possibility of the title making its way to either the Wii U eShop or 3DS eShop. "Our inspirations come primarily from the Super Nintendo Era, though we're pulling from a lot of other sources as well," he told us.

To better illustrate which games have influenced the design of the game, Baker has created the following diagram. The names of some of the titles should get retro fans positively salivating:

Screen Shot 2013 03 10 at 11. 55. 27 PM

Delver's Drop is currently on Kickstarter and has already met its target goal of $75,000. In fact, it has managed to secure almost twice that amount - and at the time of writing, still has a few hours left.

Baker also confirmed that his company has spoken with Nintendo in the past about becoming an approved developer, but was also keen to point out that at present its focus remains on getting the game finished on its current platforms — PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Ouya:

We're fans of the Wii U and 3DS, but we have not decided on a console between the three big platform holders. We will most likely decide this based on how well it does after the PC/Mac/Linux release, and continued fan requests for console. Honestly, we'd love to support all of them, but that would likely be a 6+ month endeavour to add to our tech and support these systems. We had made a Kickstarter stretch goal for the console port, but it looks like that will not be met by the end of our campaign. But as with all other unmet stretch goals, we will consider developing them later if the game is successful and we have continued fan interest.

As you can see from the screenshots and trailer, Delver's Drop is looking absolutely fantastic. Described by Pixelscopic as a fast-paced action RPG with an emphasis on realistic physics and random dungeons, the game places the player in the role of a Delver, an unfortunate soul imprisoned by cruel forces and selected to descend into the bowels of "The Drop" — a dungeon with a mind of its own — with the promise of loot and freedom. Most don't survive, and turn into sinister "Undelver Wights" — zombie-like warriors which possess the same items and skills as the original Delver, making things even harder for the next player who enters The Drop.

Dying in the game causes you to lose all of the items you've collected, and also randomises the dungeon so your next attempt is fresh and new. Boss characters and logic puzzles add to the challenge, and you'll be able to play co-operatively with other players, too. One of the stretch goals for the game (which has now been met) is a 4-player competitive Deathmatch Mode described by Pixelscopic as a fusion of Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. Please, just take our money now.

Needless to say, we'll be keeping in touch with Pixelscopic and tracking the progress of Delver's Drop. Hopefully the PC and mobile versions will be such a success that the Wii U (and possibly 3DS) editions become a reality, too. There's a few hours left on that Kickstarter, so remember to pledge your support — it might help get this amazing-looking game to a Nintendo system next year!