Pandora's Tower will be out next month

Back in January, XSEED Games announced that it would be bringing the long awaited Japanese action-RPG Pandora's Tower to North America in Spring 2013.

It's now been narrowed down a little bit more, as the publisher has announced it will be releasing it at some point in April.

XSEED has a bit of a reputation for making a success out of localised games. The Last Story, which it released in 2012, quickly became the company's most successful game of all time. Considering the Wii is right at the very end of its life cycle, it's unlikely Pandora's Tower will smash any records, but there's still plenty of demand in North America for it and XSEED will hope for bumper sales.

Europe has had Pandora's Tower since April 2012 and now, one year on, North Americans can finally get their hands on it.

A new trailer has been released and can be found below. Are you looking forward to finally playing this one, North America?