Lego City Undercover Review Screen 3

Nintendo fans are being blessed with some seriously amazing software lately. We've only just had the amazing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U, and today European gamers have a double helping of brilliance in the shape of LEGO City: Undercover and Luigi's Mansion 2.

"There are technical cracks in its brickwork," we said in our LEGO City: Undercover review. "But in combining the familiar constructs of the LEGO video games with an original story, huge amounts of humour and a ridiculous number of things to collect or discover, LEGO City Undercover proves that LEGO titles can be blockbusters without a big licence." So basically, it's well worth a look.

If you're after some portable fun, then Luigi's next adventure should fit the bill. We declared it was "one of the best games yet for 3DS" in our Luigi's Mansion 2 review.

Will you be picking up either of these, or both? Cast your vote and share your thoughts with a comment - you know you want to.

European gamers - what are you planning to buy today? (119 votes)

  1. LEGO City: Undercover18%
  2. Luigi's Mansion 234%
  3. Both30%
  4. I'm not interested in either2%
  5. I'm totally broke!17%

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