You said it, Mario

It's Monday, so you know what that means Europe. It's time for the Nintendo Download update news, letting us know what'll be dropping onto our systems later this week; we have a lengthy list that includes the latest €0.30 / £0.30 Wii U Virtual Console promotion, some blockbuster retail downloads, a long-awaited demo and a lengthy list of Wii U retail discounts. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Wii U Virtual Console

Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Nintendo, €0.30 / £0.30) — This will be cheaper than a chocolate bar for one month as part of the Famicom Anniversary promotion on the Wii U eShop. It's an iconic NES classic, and we'll get the gloves on to let you know how well it translates to the Wii U Virtual Console. Oh, and one more thing, deep breath Europe... it's the 60Hz version once again, giving you the full-fat and full-speed experience. Begin hyperventilation now.

Wii U eShop

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tool for Nintendo 3DS (Capcom, free) — This tool will allow you, with a Wii/Wii U LAN adapter, to play your 3DS copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in online matches — though it has to be the only software running on the Wii U for it to work.

Wii U Retail Download

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom, €59.99 / £49.99) — Available for download and in stores from 22nd March, this is an expanded version of the Wii original with additional content and upgraded HD visuals. We certainly think the upgrade is worth it, as we explain in our Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate review.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (Electronic Arts, €59.99 / £44.99) — With lead development by Criterion — the team that produced last year's popular release on Xbox 360 and PS3 — as well as exclusive features, there's certainly optimism that this will be a racing title worth owning on Wii U. It arrives on the eShop and in stores on 22nd March, and we'll also be reviewing it to let you know what we think.

3DS eShop

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program (Capcom, free) — This free app will enable you to transfer your save data between the Wii U and 3DS versions of this game, ensuring that you're able to pick up exactly where you left off regardless of which system you're using.

3DS Download Demo

HarmoKnight (Nintendo, free) — This rhythm action title from Game Freak — there are certainly Pokémon references included — arrives in Europe on 28th March. The demo will tide us over and give a taster in the meantime; it's free, and that's most definitely not a bad thing.

3DS Retail Downloads

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom, €44.99 / £39.99) — This 3DS release of Capcom's blockbuster offers the same level of content as the Wii U equivalent and also arrives on 22nd March, but without online multiplayer (unless you use the Wii U LAN router workaround), though it does include StreetPass, while supporting local multiplayer with other 3DS players and also someone playing the Wii U version. Our review of the handheld version will arrive very soon.

My Foal 3D (TREVA Entertainment, €29.99 / £24.99) — The 3DS is building up a small collection of animal sims, whether you want to care for dogs, cats or dinosaurs. TREVA Entertainment is joining in with this retail release, with eight mini games, augmented reality and gyro controls all used to care for your very own foal; expect cuteness to be the order of the day.

3DS Download Video

The Beet Party: Call Me Aneek Neek (Redrover, €0.99 / £0.89) — The Beet Party is a series of 3D short videos available for download on Nintendo eShop. The two-minute interstitials target four to six year olds and follow the adventures of the five coolest beets around as they explore, experiment, celebrate and communicate with beat-boxing sounds when something new arrives in their fridge.


Bloons TD 4 (Digital Goldfish, 500 Nintendo Points) — It's tower defence, with balloons, and takes a colourful and simplistic approach. While the basic idea is reasonable, the execution isn't, with chronic slowdown and a refusal to accept inputs ruining the experience; check out our Bloons TD 4 review for the full lowdown.

Wii U eShop Discounts

There are an unprecedented number of download discounts this week, so check them all out below.

ZombiU (Ubisoft, €34.99 / £29.99 until 4th April, was €69.99 / £54.99)
Assassin's Creed III (Ubisoft, €29.99 / £29.99 until 4th April, was €69.99 / £54.99)
Just Dance 4 (Ubisoft, €24.99 / £19.99 until 4th April, was €49.99 / £39.99)
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (Ubisoft, €24.99 / £19.99 until 4th April, was €49.99 / £39.99)
Rabbids Land (Ubisoft, €24.99 / £19.99 until 4th April, was €49.99 / £39.99)
Sports Connection (Ubisoft, €24.99 / £19.99 until 4th April, was €49.99 / £39.99)
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 (Ubisoft, €24.99 / £19.99 until 4th April, was €49.99 / £39.99)
Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation, €4.99 / £4.99 until 24th March, was €9.99 / £8.99)

3DS eShop Discount

Pokédex 3D Pro (Nintendo, €11.99 / £10.79 until 4th April March, was €14.99 / £13.49)

Quite a lot on offer this week with retail big-hitters, a demo and a host of juicy retail download discounts on Wii U. The question is, will you be spending any of your hard-earned funds? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (178 votes)

  1. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Wii U Virtual Console)44%
  2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U retail download)4%
  3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (Wii U retail download)4%
  4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS retail download)4%
  5. My Foal 3D (3DS retail download)  0.6%
  6. The Beet Party: Call Me Aneek Neek (3DS eShop video)  0%
  7. Bloons TD 4 (DSiWare)  0%
  8. One of the discounted Wii U retail games4%
  9. Little Inferno (Wii U eShop discount)6%
  10. Pokédex 3D Pro  0.6%
  11. Just free downloads for me this week19%
  12. Nothing for me this week13%

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