Hey Mickey, you're so fine

Namco Bandai, together with Disney Japan, is developing a new 3DS title, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. The game will release in Japan on 11th July, and will also receive a limited edition 3DS LL bundle; the handheld itself is white and includes a special design on the surface, with gold and white Mickey Mouse silhouettes.

Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life allows gamers to play as their Mii, and you can meet over 80 different Disney characters throughout the game.

The title will retail on its own at 5,490 yen (approx. £40 / €45 / $60) for both a boxed and download copy, with the 3DS LL bundle going for 24,830 yen (approx. £175 / €202 / $262).

You can watch the first official trailer below. Would you like to see this one come to the West?

[source senpaigamer.com]