Code of Princess Banner

Code of Princess was published in North America by Atlus way back in October last year, but the NA-centric publisher didn't want to do the same in Europe and PAL regions. It did eventually emerge that developer Agatsuma Entertainment was taking up that localisation itself, and that it was releasing the title as a download-only retail game — 'retail' in the sense that it's a full-length experience with a higher price than a typical download offering.

Earlier this year Nintendo of Europe confirmed a Spring release, and Agatsuma has now issued a press statement with the good news that it'll be in next week's Download Update, on 28th March. Even better is that it'll have a price of €29.99 — which we hope will translate to £24.99 in the UK — making it cheaper than most other retail downloads in the region.

This is certainly one to consider, with bags of content and online multiplayer thrown in. It's perfectly suited to fans of old-fashioned 2D hack-and-slash games, while it also includes some RPG features. We gave it a glowing recommendation in our Code of Princess review.

You can see it in action in the official trailer from the recent European 3DS Direct broadcast. Will any of you in Europe be picking this up?