BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien — let's call it Runner 2 from now on — has no doubt been on the wish-lists of those that were fans of BIT.TRIP RUNNER on WiiWare. It looks to feature the same running and jumping mechanics, but with a new graphics engine, environments and characters.

Its confirmation for Wii U was a relief after it was known to be skipping Wii, and the recent assurance that it would arrive in February appears to have been kept by Gaijin Games, in North America at least:

According to the developer it'll arrive on Wii U and Steam first, which would mean it'll land on the eShop on 26th February. We've seen download titles arrive on the platform outside of the standard Thursday window before, so there's certainly every chance that it will hit the store on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it won't hit Europe quite yet:

The launch trailer for this is below, so how many of you are keen to download this one?