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Thatgamecompany's Journey has received a lot of love since its release on PS3 last March.

The game's own epic journey saw it grow from humble PSN sleeper to assailing many "Game Of The Year" lists, not to mention the eight BAFTA nominations (for Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Best Game, Game Design, Game Innovation, Online-Multiplayer, Original Music and Story) and a Grammy nod for best score soundtrack for visual media.

This was all achieved despite the studio going bankrupt during development – a problem partly due to its limiting exclusivity on PlayStation 3.

Now the team behind Cloud, Flow and Flower is hoping to build on Journey's success in their next game, and they could be looking to achieve this on the Wii U.

In light of past financial difficulties and not ignoring the potential for a wider audience and return, Journey's creator and thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen commented:

I think to have a financial success, that is going to change everyone, it has to be much bigger than a game on the PlayStation platform.

The new game is currently in development and will be multi-platform. It's exciting to imagine how thatgamecompany could make use of the Wii U GamePad.

Chen has also eluded to building the new game around a sense of connection and community, stating;

Journey was focused on connection...I think we are trying to do one level above that with this game.

How this emphasis could make use of Miiverse and StreetPass is an enticing prospect to any Wii U and 3DS owner. However, with nothing yet revealed, we'll just have to cross our collective fingers and hope.

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