175. Arcade Nes - 1943 - the Battle of Midway

A while back, we reported on Capcom Arcade Cabinet — a venture by the esteemed industry veteran to resurrect some of its coin-op classics. So far, the package has only been released on PS3 and Xbox 360, but a recent ESRB listing for vertically-scrolling shooter 1943 seems to suggest that the individual titles will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS, too.

The first pack consists of Black Dragon, 1943 and Avengers, but more games are expected to be added in the near future. The next trio of games is Ghosts n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, and Section Z — so there's a chance that all of these titles could be coming to the 3DS eShop soon.

Would you be interested in downloading some of these coin-guzzling gems on your 3DS? Let us know which titles you'd like to see by posting a comment.

[source gonintendo.com]