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We're big fans of the Retro Computer Museum here at Nintendo Life - we've covered the charity's events previously, and heartily support the aim of preserving working examples of classic systems that everyone can enjoy and interact with.

The museum has been running for some time now and regularly holds events where people can play on classic hardware and appreciate the appeal of retro systems - rather than having to look at them from behind a glass case. Below you can see some photos taken at one of the events.

The Retro Computer Museum is about to move to larger premises with the intention of offering an even better service to fans of vintage gaming. However, such a move requires additional cash - so the charity has established a fund raising page where supporters can pledge money to support this noble cause.

If you're UK-based then we recommend you come along to one of the Retro Computer Museum's upcoming events, as you'll not only get to play on loads of amazing gaming hardware but you'll also be able to rub shoulders with like-minded players and reminisce about the good old days of the SNES, NES and beyond.

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