The spectacularly yellow limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL originally started off as a Japan-only system, but since then it's been on a bit of an adventure, making it over to European shores last December.

It now appears to have found another home, with the system apparently being announced for pre-order in Chile during a special Pokémon event.

Because Chile and North America are technically both in the same 3DS region, it naturally will have many people wondering if the Pikachu 3DS XL is going to be confirmed for a Stateside launch in the near future.

There's no official confirmation as of yet but it's looking a lot more likely now than it did a few weeks back, that's for sure. Best get your Pokéballs ready, just in case it does pop up!

What do you think, North America? Would you like to see a wild Pikachu 3DS XL appear in a shop near you soon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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