Yesterday Disney Interactive revealed that Disney Infinity — possibly its most ambitious project yet — would be coming to Wii U, Wii and 3DS this summer, as well as mobile devices and other platforms.

The game allows the player to bring real-world toys to life by scanning them into the game in the same way that Skylanders has been doing for a while now. So far we know characters from franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Muppets and The Incredibles will all feature, but there are other major franchises currently owned by Disney that haven't yet been confirmed.

Probably the most obvious absentee at the moment is Disney's mascot himself: Mickey Mouse. You'd expect him to be mixing it up with Jack Sparrow and Sully but as of right now he's not been confirmed. However Avalanche Software CEO John Blackburn has been speaking to Polygon and told them (probably with a nudge and a wink) "we're all things Disney".

All things Disney, well that's actually quite a lot. Take for example the two more recent additions to the Disney family: Marvel and Star Wars. Could we soon be seeing Darth Vader frolicking with Spider-Man? It's a possibility, and one Blackburn would like to see:

As a developer, I so want that. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, I was like, 'Holy crap! This is awesome!' But at this point in time, there's been some discussions about that, there's just been no decisions made.

The idea that we usually try to get to is 'what do people love?' What kind of properties are most game-able? If there's a gameplay mechanic that adds significantly to that mashup experience in the Toy Box, we love those properties, and will bring that into the game.

So no decisions have yet been made on whether or not Star Wars or Marvel characters will end up in Disney Infinity, but we do know the game looks set to expand for many years. There will surely be plenty of DLC for the game, whether any of the upcoming packs will ever feature Star Wars or Marvel, only time will tell.

Would you like to see Star Wars and Marvel come to Disney Infinity? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.