Plenty on the way

CIRCLE Entertainment has been one of the most active publishers on Nintendo download services, particularly DSiWare. Today the company has sent us details on its substantial list of upcoming releases, including some that are new announcements.

First up is a new title on the way to the 3DS eShop, Witch & Hero — with 8-bit retro visuals and sound, this puts you in the shoes of a hero, not surprisingly, accompanied by a witch. With a combination of traditional monster bashing and magic, there'll be 20 levels with two difficulty settings, as well as trial and infinite modes for those looking for a bigger test.

The other new entries are confirmed for DSiWare, showing that there's life in the old service yet. Ah! Heaven adopts an ink painting visual style with 24 platforming stages to conquer. Achilles War is a tank battle game set in that famous year 21XX, with a choice of three tanks to break through waves of enemy defences. Goony is the last of the new DSiWare titles on the way, and it appears to be an endless runner from a top down viewpoint, in which you simply move left and right to avoid danger — it'll also include an option to exchange level layouts (through block placements) via QR codes, as well as a same-system multiplayer option.

The publisher also provided updated assets for the previously announced Swords & Soldiers 3D on the 3DS eShop, as well as DSiWare titles Publisher Dream and Color Commando, the latter being developed by Goodbye Galaxy Games; follow the links to check out the game pages and screenshots.

There's certainly plenty on the way from the publisher, do any of them in particular catch your eye?