Amazon has announced today that its video streaming service, Instant Video, has launched today for Wii consoles across the US. The app can be found in the Wii Shop Channel, and subscribers of the service will gain access to over 145,000 movies, TV shows and documentaries. Prime customers are able to watch over 30,000 of these videos at no extra cost.

Similar to popular service Netflix, Amazon's offering provides simple navigation with Recently Watched, Watchlist and Genre Recommendations. The Parental Controls feature allows you to manage age appropriate content, as well as searching specific kids categories by age.

Duncan Orrell-Jones, Senior Vice President of Network Business at Nintendo of America, said:

Since it arrived in November of 2006, Wii has been a cultural phenomenon. With more than 40 million units purchased in the U.S. alone, the addition of Amazon Instant Video means more choice across a significant portion of the American entertainment landscape.

The application launched for the Wii U in November, so it's good to see Amazon bring it to its predecessor. Will you download this app for the Wii? Let us know in the comment section below.

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