What did you do, YouTube?

Many opinions on the Wii U's dedicated YouTube app agree on one thing — it's not the best. With slow load times and in some cases a bad habit of crashing, it seems ripe for some updates and improvements in the future. Many discovered that, courtesy of the system's speedy Web Browser, it was actually quicker and a far more enjoyable experience to go to the full website for videos of sneezing baby pandas.

Unfortunately, recent tweaks to YouTube appear to have prevented the website working properly on the HTML5 browser, much to the frustration of dedicated YouTubers. While it's not beyond the realms of possibility that further work on YouTube itself or perhaps the Wii U Browser will resolve the issue, we very much doubt that it's high on the list of priorities for either the video service or Nintendo.

Still, a workaround has been discovered by gonintendo, with a tweak of the video page's URL getting things up and running. Simply go to the web page of your video of choice and tap on the url bar, replace the "watch?v=" part of the address with “embed/”, and enjoy that thousandth version of the Gangnam dance you were so keen to see.

It's an unfortunate fiddle to continue viewing YouTube videos on Wii U via its browser; it's either that or take your chances with the app.

[source gonintendo.com]