Japan now has its hands on the GamePad
Image: Famitsu

Western Wii U owners may have noticed in the last few days that there’s been a few Japanese Miis wandering around the WaraWara and Nintendo Land plazas. That’s because it is now official: the Land of the Rising Sun has Wii U.

The console launched on Saturday and Japanese gamers flocked to their nearest store in force to grab hold of their shiny new Wii U — as expected considering it's been the last major territory to join in. Around 100 people queued outside Bic Camera’s flagship store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro commercial district to get hold of their prize. No midnight launch this time - the store opened at 8am.

Japanese Wii U buyers had the same two choices as the West with either the Basic or Premium Pack, though sadly Nintendo Land was not bundled. On a happier note for Japanese gamers they did have the availability of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Pack, which will no doubt leave many Western gamers green with envy.

Take a look at a few photos from the launch below. Welcome to the party Japan!

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