Wii U eShop title Trine 2: Director's Cut was available on launch day in North America and Europe, but unfortunately Australian gamers were left disappointed as the game could not be found in the virtual store at all.

The game’s developer, Frozenbyte, has revealed that the reason for the title’s absence is because it didn’t get the game to the Australian Classification Board on time. The developer managed to get the game to the European classification board, PEGI, but it seems that it just missed the deadline in Australia; a shame for gamers Down Under.

Trine 2: Directors cut is now expected to arrive in the Australian Wii U eShop in mid-December and will still have the 20% launch discount attached to it. As we pointed out in our Trine 2: Directors Cut review, we think the game is one of the most visually stunning titles on Wii U and is well worth a look

What are your thoughts, Australia? Were you disappointed by the unavailability of Trine 2 at launch? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com, via ausgamers.com]