Even old Scrooge McDuck is happy

Ah, the Holidays. A time of year when we all run out of money, fight tooth and nail through packed shopping malls and put on lots of weight. Festive greetings indeed, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, bah humbug and all that.

Of course, we're only calling this the festive edition of WGAYPTW — let's see if that acronym sticks — because it's the last of these features that we'll run this year, not because we're being particularly topical or merry. Still, it's Friday, so that means lazy weekends of gaming are ahead, always a highlight of the week.

You can see what your humble Nintendo Life writers will be playing below, and we want to know what gaming shenanigans you have planned, too.

Tom Whitehead

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Wii, Wii U and Neo Geo) — OK, so I maybe won't be playing this one on that last platform, but I have been playing through this on Wii for our upcoming review (it's not far away) and now have the pleasure of playing it again on Wii U to see if anything's different.

Rayman Legends Demo - I've found time to play this a few times so far and, goodness me, CASTLE ROCK. Looking forward to playing it 27 times this weekend before cursing the play limit.

ZombiU — Despite the odd flaw and occasional glitch, I absolutely love this survival horror title. I love the fact that I spend most of the time creeping around in shadows clutching a cricket bat, which I find far more interesting than gunning down hordes with unlimited ammo like a marine on steroids...

Corbie Dillard

Now that the Rayman Legends demo is out, I plan to spend some time with it this weekend. This is easily my most anticipated Wii U title to date and it's going to be nice to be able to play the levels in the comfort of my own home, rather than stand in line repeatedly to get a crack at it on the E3 show floor. It's easily one of the most beautiful video games I've ever played and I had a blast with it back in June in Los Angeles.

I'll also be tackling Scribblenauts Unlimited on 3DS for my upcoming Nintendo Life review. I've ignored the series a bit over the years, but after playing some of the game last night, I'm finding it quite unique and fun. I still plan to pick up the Wii U version at some point, but I'll be scribbling away on the 3DS release this weekend, if I can pull myself away from Rayman Legends, that is!

Katy Ellis

Nintendo Land — Having had hardly a fleeting moment to get to grips with Nintendo's latest machine in the past week or so, I've decided to dedicate myself entirely to the Wii U this weekend. It may mean inviting random people off the street in order for me to play the multi-player mini-games, but if that means getting a chance to enjoy more Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day then I'm willing to take the risk. See you in the Miiverse!

Orla Madden

I'm tight for time this weekend, with the recording studio and a brief trip to the UK; but with me being on the go I'll be taking my brand new Pikachu 3DS XL to continue playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I never got a chance to play the game at the Eurogamer Expo this year, so I was diving into the game not knowing what to expect. I must say, I've been absolutely loving it. I find it hard to peel myself away from the game, with it's cheeky wit and amazing visuals. I'm currently on World 2, so I'm hoping to get stuck into it and advance to World 3 before the weekend is out!

Andy Green

I’m still a bit obsessed with Nintendo Land at the moment, so I’d say most of my gaming time this weekend will be spent on that. I’m trying to get through Metroid Blast and finding it pretty tough – for some bizarre reason I prefer being on the ground to flying in the gunship. I’ll probably attempt to rustle up some people to play some Animal Crossing Sweet Day as well – it’s so stressful, but I love it!

Philip J Reed

Still enjoying Crimson Shroud, and will be for a long time I think! I'm also finding myself turning to 3D MahJongg regularly on the bus...it's definitely a great way to unwind. Mainly though I think I'll be replaying the original Mega Man. No particular reason...ahem...

Ron DelVillano

For the most part, I'll be ecstatically playing Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! on the 3DS. I'll probably spend some more time with my copy of Pokémon Black 2 and finally make some progress on it. I've been neglecting my Pokémon team for far too long.

I'll also be checking out that Rayman Legends demo on Wii U. I wasn't too keen on Origins, but I have high hopes for this sequel!

Joe Walker

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U) — My wife and I picked this up after being big fans of the first one and we're already having a ton of fun with it. Using the GamePad to avoid split-screen in multiplayer has made racing against each other much more enjoyable, and we're dying to keep unlocking new courses and racers.

NBA 2K13 (Wii U) — I'm kinda hooked on My Career mode. My rookie was drafted by the Phoenix Suns and we've got a nice little win streak we've put together. I'm hoping to do what the ACTUAL Suns were unable to do back in the Steve Nash era - bring the Larry O'Brien trophy to Arizona and hang a banner up in the rafters of the US Airways Center.

Gaz Plant

Paper Mario: Sticker Star — While I’m a lifelong Mario fan, it’s fair to say the repeated releases of New Super Mario Bros have dulled my love of the series somewhat, so I was thrilled to discover that Paper Mario: Sticker Star is an absolute joy to play. This weekend I’ll be tackling some more of this charming game, and getting even more catchy tunes stuck in my head.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask — Despite eagerly anticipating the release of Layton’s fifth adventure, I’ve really struggled to get going with this one. Whether it’s the ambiguous puzzles or the hazy plot, there’s something about it that means over a month after release, I’m still trying to finish it. Hopefully this weekend the game kicks back into its usual brilliance and wows me once again.

Morgan Sleeper

I'm out of town this weekend, and definitely having some Wii U withdrawals - but being on the road has given me the chance to dive into some portable games I've been really excited about! I'll be spending some time in Monte d'Or with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, beautifying New Japan in Liberation Maiden, and hopefully busting a certain princess out of jail in Final Fantasy IX on the PSP.

So there you go, let us know what games you're planning on playing this weekend in the comments below. We'll be back with more weekend gaming hijinks in the New Year.