A disgruntled Wii U owner, yesterday

As we've previously reported, Nintendo Network IDs are tied to a single Wii U console - for the time being, at least. Nintendo has stated that in the future that this will change, but that clearly can't come soon enough for American Nintendo fan Curtis Bonds, who has established a petition to speed things up a little.

Dubbed "Operation Friidom", Bonds' petition has a simple goal: unlocking Nintendo Network ID accounts so they can be used on other Wii U systems and consoles such as the 3DS:

Having our accounts locked to a single system is a completely broken and outdated way of controlling games that your customers have legally purchased. Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam, Origin, iOS, and even Android don't even have these restrictions, so I do not see why we cannot login to and access our accounts from another Wii U console, and even our 3DS.

Bonds certainly has a point - it's frustrating that Nintendo hasn't caught up with the times and introduced multi-platform user accounts yet. It's also rather worrying that all of your purchases are locked into a single machine, and if that machine becomes broken or is stolen, you've effectively lost everything. However, it remains to be seen if this petition will have any effect on making the company move faster in its efforts to introduce a more robust system.

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