The Wii has rather awkwardly come to the end of its product life cycle at around the same time that sports franchise games emerge for their yearly updates. This has meant that companies like EA have had to ponder whether or not to bring games like FIFA to Wii, as well as the other major consoles.

Of course EA did decide to bring FIFA 13 to Wii, but when fans of the franchise got home with their copy of the game and eased the disc into their console they found something was amiss — it was the same game they bought a year ago with no changes other than a roster update. It's understandable then that these poor souls felt a little short changed. Naturally EA attempted to justify the decision to simply copy and paste FIFA 12 over to FIFA 13, saying it was important “to continue to offer fans the opportunity to play an authentic football experience on Wii”; not an argument that went down well here.

It seems EA aren't the only ones that like to dabble in a spot of copy and pasting, as now Konami has released the Wii version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 to the general public and, as you may have guessed, it's almost exactly the same as its predecessor. Surprising, considering the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions were released way back in September — we have no idea why Konami needed more than six weeks to churn a carbon copy out for Wii.

The game features exactly the same interface and menu system as last year’s iteration, and the gameplay has seen no notable changes, with the only visible modifications being kit alterations and, of course, player transfers. It's understandable that publishers want to get their games available on every console, enabling as many players as possible to buy them, but it's pretty shocking to see them con Wii owners into buying something they most likely already own. The only redeeming feature for Konami is that it's at least offering the game at a budget price — £14.99 in the UK — but that's still a lot of cash considering roster updates are typically free of charge on other consoles.

Below is a tremendously taxing game of spot the difference as put together by Nintendo Gamer; one is PES 2012 while the other is PES 2013. Good luck.