Yes, Ives, you'll get one

Earlier today we reported that UK retailer GAME is bracing for a Wii U sell out, admitting that stock will be "tight on day one". This is a theme occurring regularly, with reports a couple of weeks ago of potential Wii U stock shortages in the UK, and the rather common knowledge that pre-orders are sold out at many US retailers; GameStop has also started a rather lengthy waiting list.

It seems as if Nintendo is struggling to meet demand, and with North America getting the system first there's a suggestion that it'll also get the lion's share of systems. In a post-earnings investor conference call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has rather delicately answered a question about the allocation of Wii U hardware.

The US seems to be having more machines than the other countries, but that's the only thing I can say.

When you consider that comment, and Guillemot's understandable hesitation to go any further, the worrying reports of limited numbers in the UK and elsewhere seem a little more likely. There are still no concrete answers, and we're unlikely to get any before Wii U arrives, but there's clearly some pressure on retailers and Nintendo to deliver enough consoles to match demand.