New Super Mario Bros. 2 did something new for the core Mario franchise: it introduced DLC. While much of the game may have felt familiar — not always a bad thing — the idea of extra content being made available after release was new for the series, and has added some longevity to the Coin Rush mode. In an Iwata Asks dedicated to New Super Mario Bros. U, it's been confirmed that DLC will make another appearance.

Mentioned as an almost casual aside, it was explained that new content is planned for the Wii U title but that it's not yet been started, with no confirmed details on which of the various modes will get extra courses.

Iwata: You've prepared a play space that all kinds of people can enjoy.

Tezuka: Yes. We also are planning additional courses.

Iwata: As with New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, you're talking about the additional courses.

Tezuka: Yes. We're trying to think of ways of play that are different from New Super Mario Bros. 2, but we haven't made anything yet! (laughs)

Iwata: Right, rather than distributing content that's premade at a later date, you're going to start working on it now.

Iwamoto: Yes. The mechanism for adding courses is already there, so please stand by for an update on what they'll be like.

It's perhaps not surprising, at all, but shows that despite leaping in with a 2D Mario title at the start of the system's lifespan, Nintendo still hopes we'll be playing it for months and years to come. What do you think? Have you tried the DLC in New Super Mario Bros. 2, and are you interested in paying for optional extra courses?