Nothing succeeds like success

Last month we reported that the ironically-named Justin Success Brooks was accused of selling thousands of counterfeit Wii, DS and DSi Nintendo games between 2009 and 2011 - pocketing himself up to £600,000 in the process - and that pleaded guilty to all charges. His court case was scheduled for November 9th, in which he has been sentenced to 32 months jail time, but was also told he could expect to serve just half of that.

Brooks had been issued a warning by Nintendo itself, which he chose to ignore and continue selling illegal goods. According to the Croydon Guardian, his lawyer stated that customers were buying the counterfeit games to save themselves some extra cash.

He said:

If you read forums, for every person complaining about the sale of illegal games there are four or five complaining about the price of legitimate games.

He was taking a risk not on the understanding that what he was doing was criminal but on the understanding that he could be sued. It is theft at the heart of this, rather than complex fraud.

So there you have it; behind every great fortune, lies a great crime. Are you pleased to see Justin Success-Brooks serve his time?