November is looking to be quite an expensive month for European Nintendo gamers, what with the Wii U just around the corner and titles such as Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion and Rabbids Rumble on the horizon.

It's not about to get any easier, either - amid all this money spending madness, Warner Bros. has decided that you're all ready to begin your journey through Middle-earth with LEGO Lord Of The Rings, which launches in Europe on November 23rd (the game is already available in North America).

Lord Of The Rings will allow you to relive memorable scenes from all three blockbuster movies (and books, obviously), including the iconic battle at Helm's Deep, the fight against Shelob the spider and the epic tussle with the Nazgûl - all while solving puzzles and exploring the various locations from J.R.R. Tolkien's famous fantasy world.

Which edition will you choose, as - to quote Boromir himself - one does not simply buy them all? It's worth noting that there's no Wii U version, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Will you be helping Frodo and his fellowship destroy the ring this year? As always, let us know.