G-STYLE, a developer most prolific and well known for download software released in Japan, is bringing another one of its DSiWare titles to the West. This time around it's Invasion of the Alien Blobs!, which was known as Shunkan Tsubutsubu Tsubushi when released on the Japanese DSi Shop back in March 2010; it'll arrive in North America on 29th November.

You'll need to get your stylus tapping hand warmed up for this one, as it's split up into short 10-second stages where you need to wipe out invading blobs from the screen by tapping them into oblivion. There'll be some nuance, with different blobs having abilities to infect others or grow in size, while you'll have special weapons such as Slaughter Bombs and Hell Fire to bring the hurt to the invading alien things; you'll also have the choice of Score Attack or Time Attack modes.

It sounds simple, but it may still be plenty of fun. Are you curious to see what it's all about?