Wii U owners will know what it means to be an assassin after Ubisoft introduces us to Connor in Assassin’s Creed III later this year. However, while this native American is more adept with Tomahawks and muskets, Arkane Studios has other plans. Doing his work in a Steampunk inspired Victorian London, this particular assassin wears a mask and dual wields weapons for added protection.

Currently earning rave reviews for its bold narrative and unique set pieces, Dishonored seems to be doing just fine for itself. Yet, we think it could be doing better, and want to share our reasons and explain why Dishonored definitely needs Wii U.

Last time we talked about the importance of an established, world-renowned IP and its place on Wii U with Resident Evil 6. However, for Nintendo to truly establish Wii U as a console for the long-term, it needs to be open to exciting ideas that are just getting their start. Dishonored is a perfect fit.

Here are a few reasons why Arkane Studio’s latest — published by Bethesda — would reap the benefits of the youngest member in the Nintendo family.

Benefits of Stealth

The quiet approach

Dishonored is a game that offers various styles of play, and one of its core components is stealth. While there’s nothing wrong with the way this is represented on other formats, Wii U could potentially take things a little further. When cloaked in shadow, it’s not always easy to tell when a player is in the enemy’s line of sight; the levels of cover in Dishonored can be misleading. With the Wii U GamePad in hand, a level of shading could be represented on an area of the pad. If an enemy knows the player is there, the shading would be non-existent and the area completely white, whereas if the player is completely camouflaged, the area would be shrouded in darkness. The gamepad could even offer an Assassin’s Creed/Eagle Vision-style mechanic where the hidden player can see the silhouettes of their would-be attackers, helping them plan their next moves. It’s a small, simple addition, but one that could make use of the extra screen rather than cluttering up the TV. It would also offer further strategic benefits to the game.

Game Management

Naturally, the game’s objectives, notes, powers, bone charms and inventory would be readily available via the GamePad. One of the clunkiest elements in any game is how the inventory takes up the whole screen, interrupting the experience. While it can create tactical and considered advantages, with Wii U the extra screen will make Dishonored all the more natural, free-flowing and dynamic. The GamePad would become a one-stop shop for players to read the game’s notes, books and listen to the audiographs while playing; this would also make it easier to spend points, re-adjust bone-charms on the fly and adjust powers and equipped weapons/ammunition. Also, with the map available, a simple finger press could help set up markers, a welcome and appropriate fit in getting around the vast open spaces of Dunwall.

Hunting for Bone Charms and Runes

Lots to explore

In Dishonored, players will find Bone Charms and Runes scattered throughout the world. These are uncovered by using a beating heart from the inventory, as the vibration of the pad is used creatively to show a player’s proximity to the item. However, the markers sometimes make it difficult to work out where the items are. With the Wii U GamePad players could not only use the heart’s vibration to work out where rune or charms are located, but they could also point the pad at the screen to ‘see through walls’ and even look around to see if an item is above or below them. This would help give a clearer picture of where it is on the map. Also, a player could use Miiverse to help set notes for friends and others around the world, offering clues as to how to get the rune/bone charms.


The main character, Corvo, dual wields weapons in Dishonored. In his left hand he usually carries a crossbow or gun, but in his right he has a sword. Even though Corvo likes to strike from the shadows, sometimes he will have to go face to face with his enemies. While the action of a gun is easily replicated with the tap of a shoulder button, the freedom of a sword is never truly realised. With the Wii U Gamepad, players can swipe and slash the screen (think Fruit Ninja) to help give a new-found freedom to their attacks, which could make sword-fights a lot more intense and real. Also, when in a stalemate, it will make the opportunity for counter-attacks a lot easier and more refined.

Assassination Targets

Target down

Finally, further advantages of Miiverse will create an in-house social networking hub for players to discuss the ways they’ve approached tackling a target. Dishonored is very unique in that it allows players various ways to meet their objectives; sometimes, players can completely change the dynamic of the main storyline by performing optional quests. This allows players to share ‘their stories’, perhaps even produce brag-clips of a kill which they can upload and share with their friends, or a screenshot of a particularly bizarre act that defined their personal journey. The opportunities to make cool content with Miiverse are endless.

Potential Wii U Functionality 8/10

Dishonored is a game that definitely needs to happen on Wii U. Not only is this a sure-fire Game of the Year winner, its arrival would benefit both format and franchise in equal measure. The potential of Miiverse in this game alone presents some amazing possibilities, but with the use of a second screen to support the action Dishonored can be more dynamic than ever.

Whether all of these ideas would work would be down to the skill of the developers and other practicalities, but Dishonored would still be an important and essential part of the Wii U library. This is going to happen, right Bethesda?

Are there any other potential features for this game that you think we've missed? Any games you want to see on Wii U that haven’t been announced yet? Have your say below.