The cast of Resident Evil 6

As great as Nintendo’s first-party efforts are, Wii U is going to have a reliance on its third-party support. Nintendo certainly recognises that and has already drawn franchises like FIFA, Call of Duty, Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed to its cause. However, as encouraging as that is, it’s still not enough. The format is still missing major third-party games that will surely make or break the system.

This feature, and others to follow, will look at some of the games that we feel would be a great fit on Wii U, but have not yet been announced. We’ll even back up our musings with a list of reasons why the experience would be especially unique with the system's GamePad.

This week it’s Resident Evil 6.

One of the biggest games this year has already launched, and despite the mixed opinions its importance cannot be understated. Resident Evil is an enormous global franchise that has a healthy, growing fan-base. It’s peculiar that the title hasn't been announced to this point. 3DS has enjoyed the exclusive Resident Evil Revelations back in January, and Nintendo’s relationship with Capcom is the best it’s ever been. Surely it’s a matter of time, right?

While we wait for the announcement that must surely come, here are a few reasons why Wii U and Resident Evil 6 would make perfect zombie-slaying buddies.

The easiest use for the extra screen


The inventory could be easily navigated with the touch-screen: scroll and tap to combine herbs or select any item while the action happens on screen. This is particularly important as Resident Evil 6 is always operating in real-time, so having a constantly accessible menu on the Wii U Gamepad would be of massive benefit. A few finger-taps to combine herbs won't infringe on the actual gameplay happening on your TV set, and you can still do the same things offered in any other version of the game.


Another obvious choice. Players could make great use of the map on the GamePad while the action plays out on the TV screen. It’ll be easy to track your position as you’re moving between locations and feel much more natural in a survival horror situation. It would even be great to mark way-points on the map with a simple finger-press.

Change of weapon

With a flick of the finger you could switch your load-out. This could also be used to help perform a quick-reload, although that’s as easily accomplished with a simple button press.

Easier to fight on the GamePad


Resident Evil 6 is full of Quick-Time-Events. Some might say that borders on the annoying. However, instead of the usual button presses, the Wii U GamePad enables Capcom to be a bit more creative, and potentially create the tense-dynamic action scenario it's desperately trying to embed into its game. Tapping a particular area of the screen at the right moment, shaking the GamePad using the gyro sensor, even turning the pad away from the TV to ‘face’ your attacker and then using the touch screen to fight back could create some interesting situations. It has to be better than drumming the A button through the bottom of the pad, right?

Two Player Co-op

Rather than the rather awful looking split-screen, Capcom could take advantage of the game being played completely on the GamePad. Titles such as Darksiders II and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are already doing this, so the new controller is capable of streaming graphic-intensive games. This would make local co-op even more entertaining and less of an eye-sore than it is already.

Revelations/Resi 6 cross-overs

Owners of Revelations could unlock unique items in the Wii U version of Resident Evil 6 both for multiplayer and single player. We know that data-transfer between the handheld and home console will be possible in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, so Capcom knows how to do it.


Resident Evil 6 has a much more free-roaming aim mechanic than the stunted, transfixed one in Resident Evil 5. When in this view, the Wii U GamePad could be used expertly to line up your shots with greater accuracy than an analogue stick could ever provide. Simply move the pad around when in view and then tap a shoulder button to fire. If playing co-operatively, players could even ‘mark’ targets to help out their buddy, making sure they’re not ambushed without realising it.

Online could do more on Wii U


Capcom’s vision for Resident is lacking something, and that something could be Wii U. If you look at the capabilities of Nintendo TVii players could, hypothetically, play the game and, when at an extremely tense or difficult moment, take and share screenshots with their friends and even add captions. They could also record video, or have a constant tracker telling them how they’re doing on a particular accomplishment (for example how many zombies they’ve killed, how many shots fired) and have all of that be recorded and displayed by the Wii U GamePad in real-time. Effectively, would become part of the Resident Evil 6 experience, interacting with the player as it was originally intended.

Potential Wii U Functionality: 8/10

We honestly believe that Resident Evil 6 could be made a whole lot better on Wii U; the hardware can handle the game, and probably better than anything else on the market. The interactivity between would be a lot more meaningful and closer to Capcom’s original vision. We also suspect that a lot of the frustrations people are currently having with the game would be erased thanks to the GamePad’s functionality. It’s difficult to say how Wii U will work with Resident Evil 6’s multiplayer at this time, but with major franchises already confident in the console’s capabilities, it will surely offer benefits for Nintendo's so called "core" gamers.

There’s absolutely no reason why this couldn't work. In fact, there’s every possibility it would make for the definitive edition of the game.

Are there any other potential features for this game that you think we've missed? Any games you want to see on Wii U that haven’t been announced yet? Have your say below.