New Super Mario Bros. U is potentially the biggest day one Wii U title, though it does have competition and has to fight against Mario fatigue. There seem to be two distinct camps of gamers at the moment: those that can't get too much of Mario's platforming antics, and those that feel they've played quite enough Mario for one year. We suspect that even a lot of those in the latter camp will end up buying it anyway — it's Mario in HD, after all — but Nintendo is still making an effort to give us reasons to put down the cash.

The main tactic is to show some impressive action from the game, with the latest trailer focusing on co-op gameplay; there's some lovely footage below, showcasing attractive visuals, backgrounds and general Mario fun. That said, it'll take practice before your co-op performances match this, as we remember lots of collisions, instances of childish sabotage and characters floating in bubbles when playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii with others.

It looks like a lot of fun, and the jaunty version of the title's theme track has certainly got us in the mood.