Fresh information about Animal Crossing: Jump Out has been updated on the Animal Crossing 3DS official website.

A new Streetpass mode is included, where other players can view your badges that you obtain from Palotini, who rewards you for your hard work — that includes catching fishes, gathering a variety of stuff from the ocean and pulling weeds. These badges will be displayed on your profile so others can view them.

Gamers can work part-time at the town's cafe. Your reward will be unique furniture for your house, which is pretty neat. On the topic of items, if you become good friends with one of the villagers and they might send you a special letter with a photo attached that you can place in your house. An interesting feature is that you can take 3D in-game pictures, so we wonder if you can repay the favour by sending your good friend a picture of yourself?

You can now look up at the sky to see things such as a beautiful rainbow after it rains, aurora on cold nights, clouds in the summer, gorgeous shooting stars and balloons with presents. Presents!

Animals from surrounding villages will come to visit in the camp grounds. You can play games with them such as gesture games or rock, paper, scissors. You'll also be able to play hide and seek with the villagers that you're good friends with, and you will be compensated with items if you manage to find every one of them.

We personally can't wait to get our grubby paws on the newest addition to the Animal Crossing series. What do you think of these new details? Excited yet?