Leon's running from Resi 4 HD U

With Wii U about to arrive we've seen a decent level of third-party support in the launch window release schedule, though plenty of big-name multi-platform releases and franchises are missing. One of these is Resident Evil 6, even prompting us to refer to it as a game that needs Wii U. It's not the most loved title in the series history, but after 3DS gamers enjoyed the handheld-exclusive Resident Evil Revelations, it's surprising that Nintendo fans are again missing out on a major home console release in the franchise.

All may not be lost for zombie killing fans, however, and we're not referring to the launch day release of ZombiU. Resident Evil Revelations director Koshi Nakanishi has spoken to Official Nintendo Magazine about the development potential of Wii U, and hinted at a desire to work on a Resident Evil title for the system.

The Wii U certainly looks like it will enable creators to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas. There are lots of things I'd like to try out on it.

If I was to work on a game for the Wii U, I would definitely want to make something that couldn't be done on any other hardware. The GamePad's separate screen enables so many possibilities, and playing on a television screen would enable sharing the experience in a way that wasn't possible on Nintendo 3DS. I feel it would let us create a very unique and fun Resident Evil game.

Of course that's a long way from actually confirming a Resi game on Wii U, but considering the Wii's legacy of re-released GameCube classics and on-rails light-gun shooters, we'll take any hint at a new release that we can get.

After Revelations on 3DS, would you be excited if Nakanishi and his team were given the go-ahead to work on a new Resident Evil game on Wii U? Share your thoughts below.

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