Despite the sheer volume of duds and the critical mauling they invariably receive, Hollywood still seems obsessed with tapping into video game culture and creating movies based on well-known gaming franchises. The failures of Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Dead or Alive and Alone in the Dark have done nothing is dampen the enthusiasm of the average film producer.

One person who has actually managed to make some cash out of game-to-movie projects is British director and producer Paul W.S. Anderson. He's the man behind the successful series of Resident Evil movies and was also responsible for the first Mortal Kombat flick. While his work can hardly be described as critically acclaimed (he directed Death Race 2, for crying out loud), he does seem to have a knack for putting bums on seats.

Speaking in an interview with Japan's Cinema Today, Anderson revealed that he has another famous Capcom series in his sights:

Recently, I've been loving Monster Hunter! A film conversion is currently in planning.

Monster Hunter is currently one of the biggest draws in Japan, and has built up a solid fan-base in the west, too. Even so, we can't imagine there will be too many hardcore fans jumping for joy at this news, but who knows? Anderson could be the man to bring this franchise to an entirely new audience.

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