A week ago we hosted a Mario Kart 7 community event, where you joined us for some shell throwing, banana dodging mayhem. The community room we used expanded from four players to over 180 by the end of the night, and we loved racing against you all and chatting in the comments and on our Twitter page.

Naturally, this isn't going to be a one time thing, and we're pleased to confirm that we'll be hosting another meet-up next Friday, 14th September. The event will start at the following times: 9pm UK time, 10pm Central European, 4pm Eastern US, 3pm Central US and 1pm Pacific US. If you're in school or work at those times, don't worry, as there should be players available for a good while, with various members of the Nintendo Life staff likely to drop in for some races over the course — geddit? — of a few hours.

Even more exciting, this time, is that we're going to run two community rooms, one Battle and one Grand Prix. Even better than that, we want you to decide on the items and criteria.

Below are two polls, and we'd like you to vote for your favourite in each to determine what items will be used; we're keeping the options simple this time, but will try out more combinations in the future. Get voting, as the results will be taken at midnight (UK time) next Thursday, 13 September. We'll then post an article on race day confirming the winning votes, giving you those all important codes for our next MK7 community event.

We look forward to resuming battle on the track!

Choose Your Grand Prix Community Room (154 votes)

No Items


All Items


Bob-ombs Only


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Choose Your Battle Community Room (131 votes)

All items


Bob-ombs only


Bananas only


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