With Wii U's arrival just two months away, or slightly less if you're fortunate enough to be in North America, there's plenty of focus on whether the system is going to sell well and generate buzz at launch. There's little doubt that Nintendo's succeeded in North America with most retailers, notably GameStop, closing Wii U pre-orders in the U.S.

That said, we were curious to know whether similar positive results are happening elsewhere. We reached out to GAME UK for feedback on pre-order success, or otherwise, so far; as we'd expect there was an unwillingness to provide solid figures, but we have been provided with the following short statement.

As expected with such a highly anticipated announcement of Wii U, we’ve had lots and lots of interest. Pre-orders are exceeding expectations with the black console proving the most popular so far.

It's encouraging, at least, that there's no talk of increasing interest or planning additional marketing, but a clear confirmation that pre-orders are "exceeding expectations" with the more expensive bundle, the Premium Pack, performing the best; though the Europe-exclusive ZombiU offering costs the most coins, of course. While closed pre-orders aren't a reality in the UK as yet, there's hope that sales targets can be hit prior to launch.