These guys seem happy, regardless of the format

When you're trying to sell as many units as possible of your latest console, you might assume that its simply best practice to ensure that all your strongest games are released for that system. Common sense, right? Not quite.

Take Pokémon Black And White 2, for example. It's coming out on the Nintendo DS and not the Nintendo 3DS - the latter of which is of course Nintendo's current portable hardware.

When asked by The Verge why this is the case, series producer Junichi Masuda replied:

The primary goal is to get as many people as possible able to play the game. With the Nintendo DS, it's the handheld hardware system that the most people in the world have. Those who played Black and White may not have a 3DS, but they definitely played on a regular DS.

Makes sense, really. The DS still has an installed based that dwarfs that of the 3DS, and besides, it's not as if 3DS owners miss out on the monster-catching action - their console is backwards-compatible anyway. Still, it's a shame that the additional power afforded by the newer machine isn't being used to create this latest adventure.

Are you disappointed that Nintendo hasn't used the 3DS for the latest Pokémon installment, or are you more interested in the gameplay? Do let us know.