You might have noticed that we've been getting increasingly excited about this year's Eurogamer Expo, which is due to start tomorrow in London. The reasons are legion; it's going to be the first public UK showing of Nintendo's Wii U console where you can get your hands on Pikmin 3, ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros U. Outside of the Nintendo booth will also be packed to the rafters with all the latest games from all the biggest developers and publishers for other home consoles and PC.

Win A Wii U

However, the main reason we're so pumped is because we're officially a media partner for the event, and we'll be attending the show in force to meet with members of the public and give away some amazing prizes - the most notable of which is a 8GB Wii U console. For a chance to acquire this stunning item, you simply need to grab one of the flyers we'll be handing out at the Expo itself, scan the QR code with your fancy mobile phone and boom - you're one step closer to (possibly) having a free Wii U come release time. Details will also be available in the official show guide.

Chill Out, with Nintendo Life

That's not all, though. Situated within the Expo's Chill Out and Cosplay area, the 'Nintendo Life Street Pass Zone' will be active throughout all four days, offering 3DS owners the chance to score some mega StreetPass hits, play competitive games and also win some cool prizes.

We've got £100 worth of Nintendo eShop Vouchers to give away, plus a stack of Wii games from the office.

"I just came to say hello"

So there you have it; if you're planning on attending the Expo this year, along with the 50,000 other people who will be making their way to Earl's Court, then be sure to look out for us and say hello. We promise we won't bite.