Dude, check out this book!

There's been some talk about what apps will be available on Wii U, with its GamePad controller bringing its own possibilities, but we shouldn't forget that the functionality of 3DS has plenty to offer. A new app coming to Japan on 20th October is Bookstore Anywhere, which according to Japanese publication Nikkei will launch with over 100 manga series to choose from.

We've seen books on DS, of course, with 100 Classic Book Collection providing a thoroughly decent eBook experience back in late 2008. The Bookstore Anywhere app and service, meanwhile, will evolve due to it being an online store, and it's being launched by Librica — originally formed to bring manga to Wii in 2008 — in partnership with a host of other companies based in Japan. In future users can expect to receive the occasional free magazine through Wi-Fi, and more non-manga publications and novels are planned.

It seems unlikely that this service will be released worldwide, as the companies involved and its content revolve around Japanese books and magazines. It shows the potential is there for services like this on 3DS elsewhere, though whether any companies would be willing to take on dedicated eBook reading devices and invest in an equivalent service in the West is an issue.

Would you use your 3DS to read magazines or novels, or would you rather just stick to playing games? Let us know in the comments below.

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