Now that's a nice design

Dr Hank Chien is the current master and world record holder on the original Donkey Kong arcade. Ahead of a Kong Off II event in November, it seems that Dr Kong isn't merely content to enjoy his record and wait to face his rivals, but is actively trying to assert his place at the top of the tree.

After extending his world record to 1,110,100 on 18th May, it's been confirmed this week that Dr Chien has extended this further to 1,127,700, with that score actually being set on 25th July. Some of you may remember that Dr Chien once wore a Team Chien t-shirt designed by a Nintendo Life reader, pictured, and in our minds we'd like to assume he was wearing that when he extended these records.

The world of Donkey Kong competition is one of the most intriguing in retro gaming, so if you want a bit of insight into the original Kong Off last year, check out our interview with tournament host Richie Knucklez.