Last week we ran a competition with our pals at Two Tribes that invited creativity and crazy ideas, and you all delivered. Rather than egg you on — we're sorry — let's get to it.

The overall winner gets a sealed copy of Toki Tori for Game Boy Color, a download code for the 3DS Virtual Console version and a Toki Tori t-shirt. Ten lucky runners-up will each get a download code and a t-shirt.

We had almost 300 entries to explain where Toki Tori, the diminutive little chicken, came from; some really were funny and creative. It was quite disturbing how many people answered "an egg" though, c'mon guys!

Two Tribes has sifted through the entries and selected the winners. Drumroll...

The Winner

rossy771 - UK

The KFC Slaughterhouse (He escaped)

Runners Up

bro2dragons - USA

Toki Tori is a chick. As such, most would assume he came from an egg, but recent respected philosophers have taken the question a step further. When Greek sophist Eggcrates asked the question of which came first, renowned thinker Chicken Brutus answered that it was, in fact, the chicken, likely an ancestor of Toki Tori's. While many others have agreed with Brutus' reasoning, others have questioned whether his logic also contained a hint of bias. The true case of Toki Tori's far-gone origins? The world may never know.

MrArcade - UK

He comes from the Tokiri Forest. Just a few miles down the road from the famous Kokiri Forest.

Pastry - USA

Toki Tori was the lone survivor of the battle over land between the TWO bird TRIBES, with each tribe being named Toki and Tori respectively.

pariah164 - USA

Toki Tori is from Japan. He was raised by a samurai, learned the way of bushido, and uses his sharpened mind and reflexes to defend his homeland and save his brethren. NIPPON BANZAI!

Morphtroid - Mexico

Well, you see... When a Daddy Rooster and a Mommy Hen love each other a lot, the Magical Chicken Fairy comes down and gives them a very special egg. That egg then hatches and a very special baby chick comes from it.

marc_max - Spain

He comes from a 56 colors on screen world, of course!

Koapa - Slovakia

I think it was experiment, to bring Tamagotschi into a XL screen. They wanted to bring it from digital little machine into something bigger - this was successful. He ended in GBC.

reborn - Spain

Toki Tori, the Egg Bird. A yellow little bird coming from a planet called "We-like-to-freeze-you". It's said to have an average speed while offering a good range of movements to make his enemies die while he achieves in.

shynra - UK

Toki Tori is ancient Mayan symbol, created by a Mayan child as a friend and protector! Bed time stores have been made and passed down the generations and now he finally has a videogame.

nibblemonkey - UK

A mad scientist, called Collin, was messing with various animals DNA in his secret lab. More specifically he was messing with chicken DNA, seeing what would happen if he made chickens more humanoid and yellow. After hours of messing with DNA, he saw it as a failure and tossed the whole batch of eggs out the window. They landed near nuclear waste, causing the mixture of DNA to mutate and come to life. Heavy rainstorms washed the batch into a forest where one egg hit a tree as it was tumbling down a hill causing it to start hatching. Toki Tori burst out the egg, scared and confused.

We've passed the winner's details on to Two Tribes who will be in touch soon to arrange delivery of the prizes.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition.