We've seen some big gaming anniversaries in the past year that made some of the Nintendo Life team, and probably a fair share of readers, feel rather old. It's time for another one of these landmarks, as Commodore 64 turns 30 years old.

While some may not know much about it, Commodore 64 was a games system that was particularly popular in North America, arriving in 1982 and being in production right the way through to 1994. At launch it cost $595 — which was actually inexpensive at the time — and boasted graphics and sound that helped it to stand out, even if cheaper alternatives in Europe meant that it struggled to repeat the same level of success on that side of the Atlantic.

They may not have hit your radar, but there are actually 18 Commodore 64 games on the Wii Virtual Console across regions, although it was 19 before Last Ninja 3 was withdrawn due to a game breaking bug. Some are stone-cold classics — for those of us old enough to remember — despite the original system also having exceptionally long loading times on cassettes, as well as bugs and glitches every 30 seconds.

Here's to Commodore 64, and we recommend checking out the BBC video, below, which shows current day school pupils looking slightly confused by the venerable old system.

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