A nice extra

We've known for a good while that The Last Story will arrive in North America this summer, and publisher XSeed has finally confirmed the details to IGN. The date for your diaries is 14th August, and there are a number of goodies awaiting eager buyers.

It's been confirmed that all pre-orders with Amazon.com, EB Games Canada and GameStop will receive a soundtrack CD with seven tracks, a worthwhile bonus based on our experience with the title. Interestingly, XSeed has also stated that all 'launch copies' will be the limited edition, which features an art book and exclusive packaging; the recommended retail (MSRP) price for these copies will be $49.99.

It seems like the publisher is going out of its way to tempt Wii owners to have a last RPG-hurrah on the little white box; we gave our thoughts and recommendation on the European release in our The Last Story review.

[source uk.ign.com]