Another WiiWare game bites the dust

Yesterday our attention got drawn to a Super Motherload Kickstarter page, which mattered to us because it was announced for WiiWare two years ago. After searching the campaign from top to bottom we saw plenty of references to PC and Mac releases for the project, but none for WiiWare, so reached out to the developer for a comment.

XGen Studios promptly got back to us to confirm that the WiiWare project is, in fact, no more. The Wii version was cancelled for two reasons: the sales potential was reduced due to the late stage of the console's life cycle, and the developer made a decision to release the title in 1080p HD.

What about Wii U? There's been no mention of that possibility, with non-console versions the focus of the current fund-raising campaign. If you want further confirmation you can check out the official announcement from mid-June, below, which clearly passed under our radar at the time.

Are you disappointed about missing out on Super Motherload, and would you be interested in a Wii U version if it ever became a reality? Let us know in the comments below.