A premature end

In March this year a competition called pitchWinPLAY was announced that'd give creative gamers an opportunity to see their game produced by Renegade Kid, of Mutant Mudds fame, and then released on the 3DS eShop. It was an exciting grand prize, but a lack of interest since launch has brought the contest to an end.

Our very own Philip J Reed had entered the competition and received the following email from the organiser.

First off I would like to humbly thank you for your patronage of the pitchWinPLAY competition with your submission of *******. However It is with a heavy heart that I have to end the contest prematurely.

Your submission fees will be reimbursed to you within 60 days of the time I receive a reply to this email letting me know you got it and are aware of what is going on.

Because I respect the time and effort you put into your submission I am providing you some feedback free of charge as I do not want your effort to be for naught. Expect it in the coming weeks.

It started with a simple idea: give creative people who may not have the time, money or means to turn their ideas into a reality a way to see their ideas come to life. However this only worked with support. As stated from the beginning, money from the submissions was to go directly into the contest paying for everything including the development of the winning entry.

In short we over estimated gamer and media reaction. Such a unique and rare opportunity... But alas it just didn't pan out. With only 15 submissions there is no way to continue forward with the pitchWinPLAY competition.

It gives me hope for the industry to see such passionate creative gamers. While PWP did not pan out as an outlet for your endeavors I hope you do not lose hope and still pursue your dreams. Should you end up developing your idea yourself I would love to be kept in the loop on your project.

...I wish you the best in all you do and thank you again for being a part of pitchWinPLAY.

John F. Kaiser III