No more waiting

This week we have all three Nintendo consoles catered for, including a long awaited platformer on the 3DS Virtual Console, the latest from Renegade Kid and much more. Let's get right to it.

3DS Virtual Console

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Game Boy, Nintendo, $3.99) — This has no doubt been on a number of North American wish lists since it landed in Europe, giving Wario a starring role on Game Boy in one of the system's most creative and accomplished platformers. If you want to read all about it, check out our Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 review.

Mole Mania (Game Boy, Nintendo, $2.99) — This puzzle title — produced by Shigeru Miyamoto — unsurprising involves plenty of tunnelling, while above-ground you strategically blast black balls to create these tunnels. We expect cutesy puzzler fun over its 175 challenges, but we'll see whether it delivers in our upcoming review.


Planet Crashers (Renegade Kid, $9.99) — Originally planned as a full retail release, this adventure RPG from Renegade Kid promises to include a large universe to explore, plenty of dungeons and customisable characters. As one of the eShop's pricier downloads, we'll be sure to let you know whether we think it's worth the investment soon.

Dot Runner: Complete Edition (INTENSE CO., Ltd, $4.99) — This title makes it across from Japan where it was called Dot Eater New Picdun. It looks like a frantic chase to grab as many orbs as possible within a time limit, with the touch screen providing a top-down perspective and the top screen using the stereoscopic 3D for a first-person view. We'll let you know whether it's worth a punt in our review.

Game of the Weekend

Colors! 3D (Reduced to $3.99 from 9am PT on 27th July to 9pm PT on 29th July) — This powerful painting app provides the tools to produce art in glorious 3D, with the option to share with others through the online gallery. We awarded it a prized 9/10 in our Colors! 3D review, and some of our staff will be sharing their creations in a feature this weekend.


Decathlon 2012 (Cinemax, 500pts) — With the Olympics about to kick off in London, this title promises to bring the tough decathlon competition — consisting of ten events — to DSi with inevitable stylus controls. It may tap into nostalgia for athletics games of the past, but we'll see whether it's worthy of a medal later this week.

Wii Virtual Console

World Heroes Perfect (D4 Enterprise, 900pts) — It's a Neo Geo fighting game, and we all know that there's plenty of those on the Wii Virtual Console. This one is the fourth instalment in the series, and features 16 characters from 'across history' ready to beat the ever-living snot out of each other. We'll get brawling and tell you what we think in our review.

Also, don't forget that Super Mario Bros. is reduced to $3.99 until 1st August on the 3DS eShop, as part of a month of Mario discounts.

So, what will you be downloading this week? Let us know in our Facebook poll.